Every company has different needs and sizes. This is the reason why is important to combine good products and good strategy.

Longwave has totally engineered a data protection service, that allows you to save your data on a full-managed storage.


The Network Operation Centre powered by Longwave is a service that allows customers to manage the governance of processes and services, without worrying about infrastructure status monitoring.

Our keyword is “collaboration”: we work together to ensure that your infrastructure has almost zero down; the customer is the infrastructure manager, but benefiting of the high-professional remote support of the Longwave NOC Team.

noc-for-you is a cloud platform in cloud that lets you access the Unified Video Communication services in a managed, hybrid or on premise way.

The mission of this service is to provide customers a professional Telepresence solution, by ensuring fluidity of images and immersive communication.


One partner, infinite solutions

Since 2001, leading brands choose Longwave for the excellence of its ICT solutions and for the commitment to provide assistance to enterprises. How can we help you?


Datacenter & Cloud

Unified Communication

Network Security

Information & Communication Technology best in class

As needs change, so do suppliers… That’s why our mission is not only to be a System Integrator, but rather a Technological Partner for those companies that want to pursue a digital path.
We put the collaboration first and we are committed to provide the best solution for your business, for over 15 years.

With more than 300 technical certifications, we work to design something new and not yet imagined. We don’t have a role model: all is specifically designed to meet any business need.


Save your business data on a Full Managed storage.
The best DPM is powered by Longwave

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Manage processes governance without worrying about the state of your infrastructure.
We work to protect your network efficiency.

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Use the best services of Unified Video Communication on a cloud platform. Save time and resources with a Professional Telepresence solution; discover the opportunity of the smart work.

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8+ Branch offices
15+ years of experience
120+ Employees
400+ Enterprise customers
325+ Certifications