Every company has different needs and sizes. This is the reason why is important to combine good products and good strategy.

Lantech Longwave has totally engineered a data protection service, backup.for.you that allows you to save your data on a full-managed storage.

Storage devices could break down. Local or off-site backup keeps a redundant copy of important data in event of system failure or natural disaster (or to meet compliance requirements and legislations).

Thanks to an extra copy of the data, IT managers are able to restore important files in an easy way. A backup solution for data recovery is an integral part of the disaster recovery plan of any organization.


The solution is engineered to make backup easy, reliable and flexible. Furthermore, the replication data system allows minimizing the risk of loss.

backup.for.you is the exact solution even in mixed environments (physical, virtual, multi-hypervisor) and also desktop environments.

The reference architecture provide for the positioning of a backup appliance at the premises in which the systems you need to protect are placed. The data is encrypted and not available to external system through share or network mapping. This solution allows you to defend your backup data from infection or tampering: only those who have clearance to access to the administration console can access it.


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Why should you choose backup.for.you service?

Ease of use

Not only a virtual machine

Data deduplication

Endpoint data protection

Off-site copy