We base our mission on innovation, technological excellence and rapid response to our customers’ needs.

Together, we aim to build trust, to reduce the perceived technological complexity and to become more and more concerned with the needs of every single business. In order to do this, we start from people, our most important resource, from their enthusiasm and talent.

An attitude that has always characterized us.



Discover all the benefits for your company.

Our Skills

Implementation and design of networking solutions 100%
Collaboration 90%
Security 95%
Tech certifications 80%

Our ICT consultants have high level of expertise in the implementation and design of networking, collaboration and security solutions. More than 300 technical certifications, which represent the backbone of our services, prove their level of expertise.

Our improvement-focused approach has helped Lantech Longwave’s success over the years: thanks to many satisfied customers, we have become one of the leading ICT partner in North and Central Italy.

Even though our growth, we keep intact our values and our commitment towards those companies who have chosen us.

We innovate since 2001, in order to support our customers in their future technological challenges.